Monday, March 9, 2015

Today I Knew......

Today I Knew......

My heart was broken, there it lay.
I could not stand another day,
Of winter, lifeless, gray.

With morning came the sound of life.
For spring knocked on my door to say,
"Take heart, my friend, I'm on my way!"

I woke to shouts of little men.
"The geese are flying north again!"
Spring had sent a welcome band.

Honking geese across the sky.
"O, Mom, wake up and watch them fly!"
Of course, I went outside with them.

We cheered and cheered the grand parade,
And all the happy noise they made.
Their autumn cry brings lonely dread.
Now in March.......
A happy hope is stirred instead.

Written this 9th day of March. 
And I remember again, "No winter lasts forever, no spring will skip it's turn.." 


  1. Oooo!!! Em, I am crying ~sweet tears, my lovely sister friend <3 Spring wouldn't be so glorious without the Winter to usher it in... Keep on keeping on!! The world spins and the sun strengthens and life rejoices each and every year. I love you time a million